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The best areas to place your home security cameras in Gainesville

March 14, 2022

To determine the best place for your home security cameras in Gainesville, look at the most vulnerable areas that need an accurate glimpse of any potential danger. Start at the front door and then continue to the outside zones that don't have windows. You should also incorporate video equipment for inside hallways and rooms.

Review these straightforward tips on where you should place your Gainesville home security cameras.

Utilize A Doorbell Camera At Your Front Entryway

When you consider the potential threats that might pose a problem for your house, an intruder or package pilferer will likely be a chief concern. And studies show that nearly 35% of home invasions occur through the front door. As you might expect, being certain that your lock is always engaged will decrease your chances of an invasion, but it's also nice to get a clear sightline of that high-traffic area.

Smart doorbells utilize high-definition video streams so you have the ability to see your door at any time. If a visitor comes to the front porch, the device will begin video recording and transmit updates to your phone. You can even converse with visitors with the 2-way audio functionality that integrates with your cell phone app. Or have your smart hall lights turn on automatically to give the impression you’re home when you are actually away.

Keep An Eye On Dead Zones With Exterior Cameras

Hard-to-see areas of your property are highly recommended spots to place your home security cameras in Gainesville. Luckily, today’s exterior cameras are compact and wireless. Since you have the ability to put them wherever you want, you can capture a view of windowless areas, like in front of your garage -- specifically if your property has a detached one.

Some other dead spaces at your home may include:

  • Back corners away from streets or sidewalks
  • Spaces around decks or other features
  • Cellar and basement doors or a window well with access to your basement
  • Storage sheds or other yard structures

When placing cameras, ensure you have a clear sightline. This might necessitate cutting back any brush or branches that could block your vision.

Where To Place Your Interior Cameras In Gainesville

On the inside of your house, you have a multitude of options for your indoor security cameras. These components blend well with your decor and can simply rest on a counter, bookcase, or shelf. If a triggered event takes place overnight or when you're away, you'll receive a smartphone warning with a video clip.

The preferred rooms for your indoor cameras include primary halls and the parts of your house with electronics and other valuables. Primary living areas like family rooms often have the most camera placements in Gainesville. The front and upstairs halls are also popular -- specifically to oversee passages out of your house in the event of emergencies like fires or floods. Computer rooms are getting more in demand as well, as remote work has evolved.

Install Home Security Cameras With A Smart Home Package

Your property should have the best protection. Reach out today to begin configuring your residential security package, and you’ll have the chance to protect every inch of your abode in no time at all! Dial (352) 922-3696 or submit the ensuing form for a complimentary evaluation.